Starting a Lady Jane’s Salon® of Your Own

As we enter our ninth year in New York City, our Lady Jane’s Salon® family continues to flourish. Presently we have satellite groups in Raleigh-Durham; NC; Orange County, CA; Lancaster, PA; Philadelphia, PA and Southern Tier, NY.

Interested in launching a Lady Jane’s Salon® Satellite in your hometown?

By signing on to host a Lady Jane’s Salon® Satellite, we ask that you agree to:

1. Share the love! Every Lady Jane’s Salon® charges an admission fee of $5 OR one gently used romance novel. Admission dollars cover Salon operating costs e.g., web administration, server gratuities for the host venue, advertising, and printing. Award net monies to a charitable recipient of your choice. Since we launched the original Lady Jane’s Salon® in NYC in February 2009, we have supported Women in Need, Inc (Win).  Note: we find it easiest to make one annual donation rather than monthly but those administrative particulars are left up to you.

2. Welcome guest authors! From big names to newbies, all published authors are welcome so long as their works are romance fiction or have strong romantic elements. We’re fortunate in NYC to have access to many great published authors who either live in the Tri-State area or are visiting the city. That said, our satellite salons have made clever use of social media and other Internet communication tools to bring in guest authors e.g., Skype and Twitter and Facebook live chats. If a door seems closed, search instead for an open window. 🙂

3. Join us on the blog! Send us your post-salon photos etc. and we’ll be happy to post them as well as a link to your satellite salon website from our site here at as well as cross-promote on Facebook and Twitter.

4.Respect the name. To differentiate your satellite from the original Lady Jane’s Salon®, kindly include your geographic location as part of your group’s title e.g., Lady Jane’s Salon Naperville on all websites/blogs, social media, promotional print and/or digital marketing materials etc.

5. Follow us on social media at #GoodReads4GoodDeeds.

Still not sure where or how to start? Email us your questions, from what to look for in a host venue to booking guest authors.

Welcome to the Salon scene!

Hope, Ron and Leanna Renee

The Jane’s Salon® Team