Quick Lady Jane FAQs

  • Unless otherwise announced, LJS meets on the first Monday of the month at Madame X, 7-9 pm. (Note: The July 2015 Salon will meet on Tuesday, July 21st to accommodate attendees of the national Romance Writers of America Conference to be held in NYC. Event time and venue remain the same).
  • Attendance ranges from 40-60 people at each salon, with special programs drawing 125+ attendees.
  • Each Salon draws an exciting, eclectic mix of authors (bestsellers as well as debuts and mid-list; traditionally and indie/hybrid published), aspiring writers, romance readers, publishing industry professionals and, on occasion, documentary filmmakers.
  • Admission is $5.00; net proceeds support our end-of-year donation to Win. (As of March 2015, we NO LONGER accept book donations in lieu of admission).
  • LJS is now national! There are eight satellite Salons nationwide.
  • We have a robust Facebook and Twitter presence of more than 3,000 followers. Join us!
  • Each month, Salon Co-founder, Hope Tarr asks her Same Five Questions–plus a few fun factoids–to our Salon guests, exclusively for Romance at Random. Check out one of her posts here.