LJS 5th Anniversary & SCRIBBLING WOMEN Book Launch

SW_Full Lineup #1_2-3-14

From L to R: Isabo Kelly, Suzan Colon, Leanna Renee Hieber, Marcos de Jesus, Patience Bloom, Hope Tarr & Katana Collins.

Romance fiction lovers are an intrepid lot, and we proved that yet again on Monday’s Fifth Anniversary Salon/SCRIBBLING WOMEN book launch.

Despite the city being blanketed by a blizzard, our Salon took place as usual, 7-9 pm at Madame X, Our intrepid guest authors Suzan Colón (BEACH GLASS), Isabo Kelly (THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN), Katana Collins (SOUL SURVIVOR), and Patience Bloom (ROMANCE IS MY DAY JOB) braved the bluster to support us as did many of our regular attendees. Alas, others were still stranded in the city’s outer boroughs or shoveling out from as far away as Westchester.


Salon co-founder Hope Tarr with champagne & cupcakes courtesy of Entangled Publishing.

White choc shoeBut in the spirit of making lemonade from lemons, we made do. We focused on what we did have, notably a great venue, Madame X that opened its doors for us despite the weather. Snug inside its red-bedecked upper story, we had electricity and heat, a stage with a working sound system, and scrumptious libations including shoe-shaped confections courtesy of Claudia Carrillo (maclaaa@hotmail.com), and champagne and cupcakes provided courtesy of our sponsor, Entangled Publishing.

And of course we had plenty of print copies of our Scribbling Women & the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them anthology for sale. 🙂

Patience, our nonfiction special guest, treated us to her SCRIBBLING WOMEN essay, “Wedding 101 for the Anti-Bridezilla.” Going forward, the program for each monthly Lady Jane’s will feature one Scribbling Women contributor. Look for Scribbling Women readings from Megan Frampton, Leanna Renee Hieber, Katana Collins, and Suzan Colón this spring.

SW_Books Display_2-3-14A mid Salon champagne toast allowed co-hosts Ron Hogan, Leanna Renee and Hope Tarr to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has made the past five fabulous years (and counting) possibly, notably the founders of the feast: you, our great guests.

Then we got down to bid’ness, calling onstage Win representative, Cierra Jones to accept our Big Fake Check (followed by our real-size check). Cierra gave a heartfelt talk on Win and its innovative, transformative programs including #WaytoWin. We especially hearted her sensitivity toward romance fiction and emphasis on how as writers we use our novels to share the love–and hope for Happily Ever After–with our readers.

Founders & Cierra Jones #2_2-3-14

(L to R): Co-founders Leanna Renee Hieber, Ron Hogan and Hope Tarr. Foreground: Cierra Jones of Win.

Fittingly, the finale to our celebration of real-life romance hero-dom was a delicious, sharply witty live musical performance by Marcos de Jesus, newly minted hubs to LJS co-founder (and Scribbling Women contributor) Leanna Renee. Download Mister Wonderful for FREE here and keep up with Marcos’s performance schedule on Twitter @GuaguaElectrica.

Marcos AKA Mr Wonderful_2-3-14

Marcos de Jesus performing MISTER WONDERFUL.

Join us on Monday, March 3rd, 7-9 PM for our next–hopefully more spring-like–alon, featuring guests Audra North, Damon Suede, Avery Flynn and Megan Frampton returning to read her SCRIBBLING WOMEN essay, “Falling for the Intern.” As always, your $5 admission benefits Win.

Happy Valentine’s from the Lady Jane’s Salon Team!



Lady Jane’s Goes Down Under for ARRC2013


From L to R: Cofounder Hope Tarr with guests Amy Andrews, Keri Arthur, Anna Campbell & Cathy Maxwell.

Salon Co-founder, Hope Tarr, reporting “live” from rainy Brisbane, Australia where on Friday, March 1st I had the honor of presenting the very first overseas Lady Jane’s Salon at the Australian Romance Readers’ Association’s third annual convention–ARRC2013.

The Salon was held at 6PM prior to the Welcome Reception. More than 100 conference attendees (called “delegates”) crowded into the large conference room, transformed for the evening with votive candles, comfy grouped seating, and cafe tables.

The banner bedecked stage even sported a splash of our NYC red!

As always with Lady Jane’s, we boasted a fabulous and diverse lineup of guest readers, in this case Cathy Maxwell, Keri Arthur, Amy Andrews, and Anna Campbell. Cathy got the readings rolling, treating us to a humorous scene from her now classic title, TREASURED VOWS.

Historical author, Cathy Maxwell had the crowd in stitches. Soup, anyone?

Urban fantasy author, Keri Andrew read from DARKNESS UNMASKED, the latest installment of her popular Riley Jenson Guardian Series.

Next up, Amy Andrews read TAMING THE TYCOON, her latest release for our mutual publisher, Entangled.

The incomparable Anna Campbell rounded out the evening by reading from the latest in her Sons of Sin Series. Later in the weekend, ARRA awarded Anna the honor of “Favourite Australian Romance Author”–for a fifth consecutive year! Congratulations, Anna!

More than 100 conference goers turned out to attend.

Sharing the hope of Happily Ever After in real life is part and parcel of the Lady Jane’s Salon mission and Friday’s Australian Salon was no exception. Donated books were collected in support of Youngcare.

Now it’s back to the conference for me and afterward a tour of Sydney and Melbourne!

Have a wonderful March 4th Salon in NYC, and I look forward to rejoining everyone in April.

Hope TarrHope








And a Happy 4th Anniversary Was Had By All…

From L to R: Salon founders Hope Tarr, Ron Hogan & Leanna Renee Hieber. Alyssa Montoya from WIN.

Monday’s celebration of Lady Jane’s Salon’s fourth anniversary was a magical night indeed. We began the festivities with a champagne toast courtesy of Entangled Publishing.

Guest author, Sarah MacLean.

Guest author, Ruth A. Casie.

Following the toast, founders Ron Hogan, Leanna Renee Hieber and Yours Truly (AKA Hope Tarr) each took a turn at the mic to express what the past four years have meant to us as well as our appreciation for: the staff of our beloved host venue, Madame X;  the Salon night sponsors, Entangled Publishing and Three Olives Vodka; and last but never least our wonderful audience. Without your continued enthusiasm and support, Lady Jane’s could and would not exist.

The first half of the program featured readings by guest authors Ruth A. Casie and Sarah MacLean. Seen circulating in the crowd was Sarah’s fellow Avon/Harper Collins author, Eloisa James.

At the mid-session break, guests took the opportunity to purchase books on sale courtesy of our wonderful onsite bookseller, Posman Books.

But of course no birthday celebration would be complete without cake! Or libations! Guests noshed on miniature gourmet cupcakes, again courtesy of Entangled Publishing, while sipping on “The Lady Jane” and “The Scoundrel,” two chocolate and cinnamon-infused-vodka cocktails provided by Three Olives Vodka.

Then it was back to “business” with our annual donation presentation to our recipient charity, Women in Need. Alyssa Montoya took the stage to give a brief and poignant introduction to the good works that WIN accomplishes on behalf of formerly disadvantaged women and children in New York City.

Salon co-founder Hope Tarr–yes, me again–stayed on stage to read a snippet from Book #2 in her Suddenly Cinderella Series, tentatively titled PROJECT CINDERELLA, as well as to fill everyone in on the upcoming Lady Jane’s Salon she will be holding on Friday, March 1st at the Australian Romance Readers Conference (ARRC 2013) in Brisbane, Australia. Our first ever Salon off US soil will feature four fantastic guest authors: Cathy Maxwell, Keri Arthur, Amy Andrews, and Anna Campbell. Read more about that here.

Guest author, Jennifer Probst.

Jennifer Probst rounded out the readings with a scene from THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN. Think “Must Love Dogs” meets “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” — and yes, we know we are “dating” ourselves with the latter reference.

The evening concluded with a raffle of KNIGHT OF RUNES donated by Ruth A. Casie. As always at Lady Jane’s, those net monies will support our next year’s donation to Women in Need.

From L to R: Sarah MacLean, Ron Hogan, Jennifer Probst, Ruth A. Casie, Hope Tarr & Leanna Renee Hieber

2013 promises to be our best year yet. Please join us on Monday, March 4th at 7-9PM with guests Kate McMurray, Ashlyn MacNamara and Sara Humphreys.


May ’12 Salon Recap

Salon regular and newly minted published romance author, Suleikha Snyder reports on the May Lady Jane’s at which she read a snippet from her delicious Bollywood-set erotic romance, SPICE AND SMOKE. Welcome, Suleikha!

The May 7th Lady Jane’s Salon at New York’s Madame X lounge was hardly my first as an attendee…but it was a major milestone as an author, as our beloved hosts with the most, Hope Tarr, Leanna Renee Hieber and Ron Hogan, invited me to be amongst the guest readers! I joined YA authors Zoraida Cordova (The Vicious Deep) and Alethea Kontis (Enchanted), steampunk writer Kate Cross (Heart of Brass), and historical fiction author Sherry Jones (Four Sisters, All Queens). It made for quite the diverse roster, since I read from my male/male (and male/female) Bollywood romance, Spice and Smoke.

I have to confess, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs…despite Madame X having none of the latter in their decadent, bordello-inspired interior. What it does have, on the nights that feature Lady Jane’s Salon, is warmth and laughter and a host of people to hold your hand, pat you on the shoulder and assure you, “Don’t worry, you’ll be great!” And cocktails. Let’s not forget those delicious $5 drinks. I sipped one as I sat between my pals Mary and Elizabeth (no, they’re not Henry VIII’s daughters!), and listened to Zoraida read aloud a moving, sweet, first encounter from her mermaid tale. Deep, yes. Vicious? For that, you have to buy the book! My Bollywood boys and I went up right after her. Polyamorous bisexual smokers on the prowl go well with teenage mermen, right?

I read an excerpt where our hero and his hero (or his would-be hero) get a little up close and personal…but not too close. Lady Jane’s is such a supportive, fun, loving crowd…they laughed at all the right places and even at some parts I didn’t realize were funny! Afterwards, a few people came up to tell me how hot the excerpt was, too. Funny and sexy? Yay! After me was Sherry Jones, of The Jewel of Medina fame, who read from another gem, regaling us with the forbidden love of Marguerite and “her Lancelot.” Kate Cross shared some steampunk cyborg love (of sorts!) with an MI-5 flair. (Her hero is named Lucas, after Richard Armitage’s character.) Then Alethea Kontis, who held her book release party immediately after the Salon, capped off the evening with a rousing performance from her debut, Enchanted. Her audio book reader, Katherine Kellgren, did the voices of a teenage boy and a gravel-voiced frog with such verve! I think the entire room was in awe!

But, let’s face it: Lady Jane’s Salon is ALL about the awe. All the time. It’s the place to be if you love romance and romance fans. So pop in on the first Monday of any given month, order an Indecent Proposal and bring your own spice. Come to think of it, you can bring your own smoke, too! Just do it outside, as New York bars are smoke-free. 🙂

Join us for the next Salon on Monday, June 4th! (Note: There will be NO July Salon).

Latest Salon Events…

Monday, June 4, 2012
7-9PM, Madame X
94 West Houston Street, Soho NYC

Join us as we welcome the following five guest authors: Cara Elliot, Taryn Rose, Mari Mancusi, Diana Peterfreund and Beatriz Williams, all reading from their latest releases.

Admission: $5 or one donated romance novel with net proceeds to benefit a New York City based women’s charity.

Books available for sale and signing on site at the authors’ discretion. Cash only.

NOTE: There will be NO July Salon. Lady Jane’s will resume on Monday, August 6th. Happy Independence Day!